Record 10 tv shows at the same time


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Running into problems where 10 of your favorite shows are all on at the same time? Record 10 different streams at one time:

Snapstream Hydra PVR

Some of the inputs can be used to stream to networked PCs instead of recording.

Got this from the news on
There was a guy that posted here or on avsforum that needed that kind of TV coverage to record commercials! For work he made sure that paid for commercials actually aired. Unlike the second superbowl commercial ;)
I can imagine a use for this, just have it record any shows you might like, then you have your own library of shows you can watch, when you want to watch them. I have 2 tuners right now, and could use 1 or 2 more as they keep shifting the programming now so they overlap by a few minutes, confusing PVR's.