RedRadio, Inc. Announces Reference Design Kits


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RedRadio, Inc. Announces Reference Design Kits for Touch Screens

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, California—April 28, 2005—RedRadio®, Inc. announced that their RAD-I/O Reference Design Kits are now shipping. RAD-I/O ('Rad-ee-oh') is the first product based on RedRadio’s patent pending Fractional Video Display™ technology. Reference kits include a PC setup with Windows XP, sample user interface software, 8-port video card, 4 single-gang LCD touch screens & more in a complete package.

Fractional Video Display technology allows professional integrators to install multiple LCD touch screens around the home or office without the high cost and limitations typically associated with touch screens for building automation. RedRadio’s technology offers the performance and flexibility equal to that of a display connected directly to a PC. The package is operating-system independent and works with virtually any software platform.

The RAD-I/O system consists of a PC video controller card utilizing the Fractional Video Display technology and up to 8 single-gang (2.7") LCD touch screens. Each touch screen uses a standard CAT5 cable for both video and power, making installation and retrofit applications easy.

Reference kits, available now, are intended for home automation product manufacturers, OEMs,
VARs, professional integrators, and software developers.

RedRadio, Inc. is dedicated to providing enabling technologies for home, business and light industrial automation. RedRadio customers are the manufacturers, installers, builders, integrators and other professionals who design and install automation systems.

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