[Article] Domobec Announces Moonshine: Replace Your Light Switch With a Touch Screen


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/archive/j/news/2009/6/moonshine_flyer.jpgThe guys at Domobec have been very busy.  They came up with a product, Moonshine, which replaces an actual light switch.  It reminds me of the RedRadio product line (1-gang touchscreens, which were basically mini-monitors), except this unit has actual processing power and runs CE, making it compatible with several home automation packages out there (currently supports HSTouch).  While the specs are not final yet, they look interesting so far:
  • 32-bit 145x300 LCD
  • Unit will fit in a single gang junction box, so you will be able to fit 2 displays in a dual gang junction box, etc.
  • Ethernet connectivity is provided through an integrated Wi-Fi chip.
  • The final version should be compatible with most decora plates out there.
  • The MSRP will be around $149.99
  • Connects directly to your 120V power.
  • Will eventually come with software so you do not require HSTouch.
  • They are expected to be available sometime during the last quarter of 2009.
This is a pretty interesting product.  It allows you put a thermostat interface anywhere, design your own whole house audio keypads instead of having to purchase expensive (and limited in functionality) Nuvo/Russound keypads and more.
Read more to see a video of it in action.

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