RedRadio is now shipping the RAD-I/O LCD's

Could be a lot worse. It's "only" $300 a station - that's not much different from what a lot of other (less capable) systems charge. The $400 video card is in the ballpark of a high-end gamer video card.

The expensive system price also includes the computer.
Sorry guys I should have explained. Today we are providing reference kits. These are intended for product manufacturers, software developers, etc. that want to get a start on either designing RAD-I/O into a product, or creating user interface software for RAD-I/O. The reference kit is much like a development kit. In addition to the hardware, you get complete technical reference and engineering support, possibly even changes incorporated into the production hardware. We want the system be working right out of the box, so we decided to ship the reference kits with tested and known compatible PC platforms. We will fully support running the cards on other mobos and platforms, but you need a base platform that works for reference (thus the "reference" in reference kit).