RGB recessed gimbal lights?


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I've got an area that's being used for remote learning. There's some duct work over the area, behind a drywall soffit. This is in a rec room area.

I'd originally planned to do something like track lighting under it. But with the advent of newer low voltage LED fixtures I'm debating what to put up there. There's not enough clearance inside the soffit to accommodate a full recessed light can. There is probably ~2.5" of depth from the face of the drywall.

And now that RGBW options are out there, I'm wondering if it might be possible to do some low-clearance low voltage units. Ones that wouldn't require an electrical box behind them. I've got access to allow me to set up a proper AC/DC power supply.

It'd probably need the equivalent of four 60 watt 4" recessed cans. Ones with a gimbal bezel would be great.

I've got both zigbee and z-wave networks going, probably leaning toward zigbee as it's integrated reasonably well with my automation systems.

I'm not expecting perfection, but wouldn't shy away from spending a little more to avoid wildly unmatched color levels. I'm not expecting art gallery CRI levels. Just not wildly inaccurate colors across the units. I wouldn't reject RGBWW where 2700k/5000k white options are available, but a single warm white would be ok too. This is not the primary lighting for the space, just some fill/color.

Anyone have a favorite brand for this, or horror stories of junk to avoid?

I have had really good luck with the WestgateMfg line for our commercial buildings, mostly wall paks, parking lot floods and interior cans. They are starting to use drivers that give you 3000K through 5000K in the same fixture, the same is true with their interior line. CRI isnt the greatest but at this price point you can experiment a bit.

Here is a link for a thin gimbal 4 fixture.

Best of luck.
Those look interesting, thanks for the link.

I've found two options, from GLEDOPTO and Mi-Light.

The Mi-Light FUT062 has the gimbal:


But their lights use their own proprietary 2.4ghz scheme, and I really want to avoid yet another lighting bridge.  Near as I can tell their driver supplies 19.5 volts, which is higher than most others.  Otherwise I'd entertain swapping out their driver for something else.  

The GLEDOPTO looks good, but is fixed position.