Rough Draft of Wiring Plan


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Ok guys,

I have been working on this wiring plan for months now. I met with my LV installers yesterday, and they want to get started ASAP. So I am now coming to my fellow CT'ers to get some feedback, advice on what to change/add/subtract/move/etc....

I will post both the first floor and second floor layout, and also the spreadsheet with all of the drop information.

Thankyou so much guys!

P.S. This excludes Speaker wiring and Intercom wiring. I am working on that now!

Here is the Plan:


Here is the spreadsheet. Just look at the Code and Drops tab for most of the info.
A few ideas:

1. Cat5 to the laundry room for a phone connection (unless you have other plans or are going wireless or already have all that).
2. Run wire to the garage door opener in case you want to do an 'auto close' or other control scenario.
3. Is a garage door sensor in that diagram?
4. TV in the kitchen (coax + IR or 5 coax + IR, or equiv)
5. No smoke detectors on the second floor
6. Heat detectors for attic?
7. A few cat5 to the attic might be handy, for remote placement of CADDX or W800.
8. Carbon monoxide detectors?
9. If you have a sprinkler system a run from the controller to that wiring.
Thanks for replying Mike......

1.-4. They are all on the plan already.

5. Smoke detectors/CO detectors: I need to find out who is wiring for those....If my LV guy is, then I am going to have to find out local codes.

6. What are they used for? (Besides detecting heat)

7. Good idea! But which attic? hehehe. There are 4!

8. Same as smoke alarm above

9. Running conduit for that.
Heat detectors are for locations you would not want a typical smoke detector in (such as the attic). They are property protection versus life safety protection. They would give you earlier notification should a fire break out in the garage or attic.

I happened to be putting some in now (and finishing off my heat/smoke/co2 detectors which is why a lot of the items tied to that).

In response to which attic, the easiest one to wire of course....

One other thought: wiring for outside cameras (attic?) if you plan on doing anything like that. In the same vein, outside motion detectors.
I think most of us here are nervous clicking on "links". :rolleyes: You may have better luck with replies if you can convert those images to jpg and upload as attachments to this thread.

If you need any help just ask.
RE: smoke and CO detector wiring.

If possible, get the LV guys (or yourself) to do it, so you can use the Elk. If the electrician does it, you'll get 110V smokes that won't be able to interface with.