Setup for 5816OD Wireless Outdoor Sensor

First, thank you all who answered my questions when I was first starting this process (Ral and Del thank you!). I installed the Vista 20p panel and rewired some sensors and went wireless with others. I added the EVL4 and it seems to be working fine. Now, I am on to the 5816OD outdoor sensor to use on a gate. My goal is to be alerted to the gate opening and closing but not have it set off the siren/alarm system. We have the junction box for the neighborhood in our backyard and often times we have city and cable employees stopping by. We added a gate because some would climb our short western fence and ruined the chicken wire running along the inside.
Currently, I have the sensor assigned to *23 for no alarm response but I won't get a text or email notification. As it stands now on the EVL-4 I only get arming and disarming notifications and not when zones are faulted while disarmed (I have everything checked in my contacts section). Does anyone know a setup that will allow me to leave the gate sensor disarmed but still receive text message alerts when the gate is opened (both while the system is disarmed and armed)? Thanks and I hope that all made sense.
Thanks Del!
How do I go about setting up a user defined ZT? Is that something I would do at the keypad for the alarm or within EVL-4? I couldn't find any information in the instruction manual.
For now I set it up as a zone follower in EVL-4 so it sends me a text when opened which is perfect. However, it appears that you can only follow one zone without paying a monthly fee to Envisalink, it's not much but more annoying than anything for what appears to be a basic service.
All contained within the program sheet and manual. Program sheet has a worksheet attached to determine how you wnat it to act based on state.