Signal patching in a new home...what are you using


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Hi All,

I am building a house and have a fairly tight space situaion in an equiment closet. Unfortunately I can not fit even a 600mm deep rack unit in so I am having some shelving built in.

I therefore have to fit all the connections that need to come back to the equipment on a patchbay of some sort. I will have 6 stereo speakers (12) plus 1 set of 5:1 (6), 16 cat5 to RJ45, 6 pr of stereo RCA (12), 4 x component YUV (12) BNC or RCA. These all need to terminated at the rear of equiment in the closet on the wall. Not ideal but the only way that is practical.

What suggestions does anyone have for a connection system that doesn't take up to much closet space. I have the ability utilise the cavity in the stud wall on the rear wall of the closet. I would like not to protrude from the wall by 100mm or so to the connector....any suggestions?


I would suggest getting a series of 1U rack patch panels and mounting them on a removable mount perpendicular to the wall with their long dimension vertical. Then you can get at both sides for future maintenance/work and they only take up about 3-4cm depth.