Single gang CAT5 touchscreen or controller?

I have a Nuvo Essentia with 12 zones installed in my house.  It still works great today.  However a lot of the keypads are showing their age - buttons not responding as well as they should, etc.  It is difficult to get replacements for them.
So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a single gang controller, touchscreen or hard buttons that I could use in place of these controllers.  Each location has a CAT5 that is home run back to the wiring closet.  Thanks for any suggestions.
You can use an old iPhone in an on wall mount to access an automation system (like myServer).  Then you can control not just the essentia, but the entire automation system (whatever the automation system is configured for).  There are POE Cat to Lighting adapters available to power it up.
Thanks. I do have an old iTouch in an iPort mount by one door. It is a little slow and could be updated to a faster iPhone. However this is not a standard gang mount. Many of my Nuvo controllers are in multiple gang switch plates. So a single gang controller is needed - Decora.
Each time you paint a room, move the control from the ganged switch location to a spot higher up, at thermostat height (~60").
It's what I did when I installed my Nuvo 2-gang controls, moved from in-wall volume controls at switch height.
Now I'm repainting, and removing the 2-gang touchscreens. Replaced a couple with iPads, powered with PoE, and plan for a couple cheaper android touchscreens. I'm switching from Nuvo to Sonos.