Sirius Conductor and Zwave?


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Merry Christmas to all.
I got the Sirius Conductor radio for Christmas, and it uses Zwave technology. Does anyone out there know what I would need to incorporate this into my HA setup. I am using Homeseer V2 and Mainlobby. I am currently using X10 and Insteon technologies. I know nothing about Zwave (yet :lol: ). I know Control Think has some sort of ZWave stick out. Will this work with Homeseer?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


The new Sirius Conductor uses the Z-Wave AV profile to control the Sirius radio, and Z-Wave metadata (external display) for the screen. It's pretty cool.

We're adding support for both of those to the upcoming Z-Wave PC SDK upgrade.

Chris (ControlThink)