Slightly used Insteon at 25% off


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We received a case of Insteon stuff that was in use for about 6 months. The dealer had them installed and has decided to trade in the Insteon stuff for UPB.

I haven't opened it up yet but the I will make them available to anyone at 25% off of normal pricing.

The items have been installed but are in perfect condition and even in the original boxes. We will also honor the 2 year warranty period.

Please contact me if you are interested.
At this point, here's what we have left at those prices:

1 - 2476DH 1000 watt dimmer
1 - 2456S3 ApplianceLinc
4 - 2456D2 LampLinc
1 - 2486D KeypadLinc

Quantities updated 5/3

To order, just order the items on our website and put a note that you would like the used items at 25% off.

It's looks like we might be getting another shipment in from someone upgrading their system too. I'll keep you posted