Slink-e Supported in HS2.0!


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I, and many others had heard and read that the Slink-e would not be supported in HS2.0.

Here is the original post by Rick that started the dissappointment on March 22nd:
Slink-e support is gone - so sorry!

In fact there were a few dissappointed (to put it mildly :blink: )users in the chat on Friday night. Just a few days after Rick's post, Rich posted that it WOULD be supported! I am sure this will make many people happy for sure!

Here is Rich's Statement:
Not to worry. I thought the only way to support the Slinke in HS2 was to re-write the plugin. After looking at the current OCX, a few minor changes allowed it to work as a standard HS plugin. So it looks like we will continue to support the Slinke in HS2. We will not be doing any further development on it, but I don't think any is really needed.

The link to the topic on the HS board is HERE.
I think it was real nice of HS to look into supporting the Slinke - it is refreshing to have a company listen to it's users. I don't have a Slinke but this is wonderfull news for those who do.