SmartThings Hub (2013) and SmartThings Link for NVIDIA SHIELD FAQs


Posted April, 2021
What happens to my SmartThings hub after June 30, 2021?
Your SmartThings Hub (2013) or SmartThings Link for NVIDIA® SHIELD™ will no longer work, but the SmartThings app will still let you monitor and control Wi-Fi or cloud-connected devices you may have set up in your home.
However, without a SmartThings hub, you will no longer be able to automate and control Zigbee, Z-Wave, or LAN devices. To continue using these smart home devices, eligible customers may opt to purchase a new SmartThings compatible Aeotec Smart Home Hub for $35 -- that is 65% off the retail price.
Visit to learn more and redeem this offer.
If you have not received your unique discount code via email on March 1, 2021, please reach out to SmartThings at [email protected] or 1-800-SAM-SUNG. 
Here quit using the Samsung Hub a couple of years ago.  I did originally configure it for use with the OmniLinkBridge first generation plugin.