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Can automobile speakers be used with a home system? There are few choices for home speakers to be mounted in walls or ceilings. On the other hand, the choices for cars seem to be endless. Sizes, shapes, prices! I'ts especially appealing to use small car speakers in hallways and odd spots around the house

I'm guessing that the difference is that cars use 4 ohm speakers, while home systems use 8 ohms. Are there other differences? How can 4 ohm speakers be used in an 8 ohm home system? Is anyone in Cocoon land doing this? Would you do it again?

Thanks for your help and advice.
I believe Dan-O is using car speakers in his walls for whole house audio. He is a member here, hopefully he will catch this post, or you can try PM'ing him.
There's a big difference in sound quality between car and home speakers. If you're planning to use this as a home theatre system, I'd use regular speakers. If its just for homeseer announcements, it should be fine. As for the impedance, I'm pretty sure you can hook up two 4-ohm speakers in serial to get 8-ohms, so you'll need two speakers per channel. Just make sure the RMS values of each channel add up to your home amplifier.
No offense intended, but

....Being in the business of car audio for over 20 years now, I have to take exception to Zack's statement. A speaker is a speaker. ESPECIALLY when it comes to a non critical application such as a wall mounting. In fact, I believe that you will be pleased just how good a car speaker will sound, as well as how inexpensive they are when compared to "Snooty" home wall speakers.

Most car speakers are designed for "infinite baffle" mounting, which is exactly what you are doing when wall mounting.

While you should pay attention to speaker impedence when using a bunch of speakers, dont let the 4 ohm rating scare you. Just do it! ;)

That said, I use a car subwoofer box (12x2) behind the couch to add a "touch" of realism.....