Special chat with Chris Walker from ControlThink

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As you may or may not know, next week, many home automation enthusiasts, installers, programmers, professionals, manufactures and vendors will gather at the annual EHExpo fall show in California. Obviously, this will be a great opportunity for many manufactures to announce their new products. It looks like there will be some major announcements next week, which will make a significant impact on the home automation industry.

One of these companies making such an announcement is ControlThink, a company which introduced their ThinkBox product earlier this year. Because of the potential major impact of these announcements, Chris Walker, the president of ControlThink, has agreed to be our guest speaker for a special chat session next Wednesday (11/09/2005) starting at 9:30PM EST. It's strongly recommended that you stop by, and check out what the excitement is all about, you won't be disappointed!

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