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I ran across a post on AVSForum.com singing the praises of SpeedFan 4.20.

It's a utility that monitors your motherboard temps, voltages, etc. I know that's nothing new but a feature it has that I'd never seen before is the ability to control the speed of your fans depending on the temp of different sensors.

There's a lot to this program and it allows you to setup your cooling in a ton of different ways. Northbridge getting too hot? Kick up the Case Fans. CPU getting too hot? Kick up the case fans and the CPU fan. Internal Temp too hot? Turn up all the fans.

Supported motherboards are listed here. I recommend anyone who thinks their board might be able to use this program try it. I don't believe that's a complete list. I'm pretty sure it's generated by people trying the software to see if it works or not.
Will check it out. This may turn out to be a great because I believe the Mother Board Monitor developer is no longer supporting their product.