Stargate onboard +5vdc supply


Hi all,

Has anyone successfully used the Stargate onboard +5vdc supply for powering remote sensors?

Jeff at JDS seems to think that the problem I am having with the onboard A/D converter may be due to the fact that I am using an external +12vdc switching power supply to power my remote light and temperature sensors.

With long cable runs, the +5vdc may not be +5vdc at the sensor end of the cable.

My remote sensors can use from +5vdc to +30vdc, therefore I chose +12vdc to power them.


The problem with using an onboard +5V power supply is now every transient in the county will be feeding back into the microprocessor on your controller board. The micro power supply is pretty sacred and should not be opened up to the outside world.

If you live in a lightning area, you can be sure the micro will be blown out or latched up from the transients feeding down the remote sensor wire.

Your idea of a separate +12V power supply is a much better solution.