Sunday Lantronix MSS4 problems, help!


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I am attempting to control a Russound CAV66 via RS232 by routing commands through the network on a Lantronix MSS4. I can connect and fire off commands fine and get status (volume, power, source, etc.) out of the CAV66. The problem occurs when attempting to adjust volume in any zone. I get one or two V- or V+ presses and the MSS4 quits communicating. I then have to reboot the MSS4 to get back to square one. Over and over and over again. It's not in the CAV66 because I can still control the thing after the Lantronix piece poops out. Any ideas? I'm guessing it's got to be a simple setting but I don't know where to begin, Labtronix is closed for the weekend and the FAQ's at their site are 1. endless and 2. nothing appears to address my issue.
Sorry, somehow I missed this post, or I would have tried to help :D How did you end up solving this issue?