System Sensor smokes -- are these still good?


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I bought five System Sensor 4WTAR-B smokes in early 2014. Except for bench testing with a few of them to figure out the wiring with the M1G, they were never used. Is there any reason not to use them now? Is there something significantly better? I paid $36 each in 2014. Now they are approaching $100/unit.

I would call System Sensor tech support and ask them for an authoritative answer. (800) 736-7672
Check me on this, but I believe the recommended lifetime of a smoke detector is ten take that into consideration.
I found this in a technical field bulletin from System Sensor:

Smoke detectors and smoke alarms are different devices. Whereas smoke alarms are listed to UL 217 and operate as standalone devices, smoke detectors are listed to UL268 and only operate in conjunction with a Fire Alarm Control Panel. As such, they are required to meet different replacement guidelines.

System connected smoke detectors may be successfully deployed for many years, and no scheduled end of life replacement is prescribed. Detectors may remain in operation provided they continue to pass the regular testing AND meet current standards and the application requirements for which they are installed.

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RAL... thanks for finding that. Looks like I'm good to go, assuming they pass the test.