Leviton/HAI OmniPro II going berserk


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Hi all,
We've had an OP2 going strong for about 7 years now, without any significant issues.  Have 2 expanders within the main enclosure, plus 4 more expanders scattered around the house, for a total of just over 100 zones (mostly windows and doors, but about a number of smokes, COs and motion sensors as well).
Last night, suddenly many of the security zones started tripping.  It's primarily the zones within the main controller and the 2 expanders within the main enclosure.  The smokes tripped and became "TROUBLE", the window/door zones kept moving between "READY" and "NOT READY" (sometimes they'd jump back and forth within seconds; other times they stay stable for minutes or hours and then trip).  The door/window zones sometimes became "TROUBLE" and then clear back to "HAD TROUBLE".  The fuse on the main controller also went to "TROUBLE".  I rebooted the system by unplugging all the batteries/AC and repowering them, did not fix the problem.  I also tried re-installing the latest firmware update, which also rebooted the system, also did not fix the problem.  During the re-powering, the LCD console also lost power and did not power back up.  I suspect there is some electrical problem on the board and no longer sending power to the LCD console now.  The LCD console was working properly before the reboots.
So far, I checked the batteries and the levels all seem to be fine (the battery warning also didn't go on).  The thermostats also seem to be working fine.  Most of the zones (except for 1) outside of the main enclosure appear to be working properly - as those smokes/COs did not trip (except for 1) and all the window/door sensors on them seem to be reporting fine ("READY").  I powered down the whole system now because it was sending pings to our alarm company every 5 minutes.
I'm going to give Leviton a call on Monday, but does anyone here have any ideas on what could be going on?  My suspicion is that there's a short on the board somewhere, and it's sending random signals.  But the problem appears to be local to the security zones (or the fuse).  I couldn't locate the fuse inside the main enclosure, but I did read somewhere that it's a permanent solid-state fuse that doesn't need to be replaced.  Overall it's about 30 zones (vast majority of the 48 inside the main enclosure) that were blinking on or off constantly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Not that this will help you but my panel has gone weird also. I suddenly started getting @ once a day at random times a freeze alarm even though there were no temperature sensors report anywhere near freezing. I had to turn Freeze alarm off to make it stop.  I use other programing to monitor my greenhouse temperatures anyway.
Check the output of the AC transformer and make sure it is delivering the proper voltage.
The above and have a good look at the large capacitor next to the power supply input.  I have seen one exploding leaky capactor in an OmniPro 2 panel many many years ago.
Look at the battery (batteries) to make sure they are not swollen.  BTW a lightening strike can cause issues with your panel sometimes.
The network chip on the Omni panel board is promiscuous and too much traffic on it will take down the serial bus on the panel.  As mentioned disconnect the network interface.  If you problems clear up then put a firewall between the ethernet port and the rest of your network.
Quick update for all.
There appears to be a power-related issue.  I detached everything from the main board and waited for a few days before repowering back up - same issues.  I also repowered with only the LCD console and a single 2-wire entry zone - the entry zone worked fine but the LCD console had no display.  I've checked the LCD console with a battery and it works fine.  I've swapped out "troubled" motions/smokes, I've even swapped out the internal expanders and the external enclosures with normal ones (since I have 2 of the former and 4 of the latter), and the same "troubled" zones remain.  Trouble appears to be isolated to 6 of the 4-wire zones on the main board, and 2 of the expander zones (1 internal and 1 external) that also draw power from the main board.  I'm not sure how to check the 24VAC on the main board, but the main board uses the same power transformer as all the external enclosures, so I swapped out the transformer as well.  Still the same issues.
I spoke with Chris @ Leviton and he was very helpful.  Will be sending the main board back to Leviton for them to take a look.  Will keep everyone posted on what they find.
Will be interested to hear the results....my omni IIe just started throwing 'freeze' tripped alerts.....just had one...last was 6 hrs prior.
will investigate other potentials listed above
No further ‘freeze’ tripped alarms since unplugging network cable, so will segregate omni from rest of network