TechTV reviews Snapstream Beyond TV 3.4


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March 26— People love PVRs (or "personal video recorders") for tailoring TV to their schedules and not the other way around.

With SnapStream's Beyond TV 3.4, a PC (sorry Mac fans) can perform the same tasks as a set-top PVR such as ReplayTV or TiVo — plus a few extras.

Beyond TV offers two main options for turning your PC into a PVR.

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Maybe its just me but it seams like that software does the same thing my ATI all in wonder 9600 software does except i think my ATI does it better. Not really worth a dime if you ask me. Ill have to read into it a little more.

THe woes section of the article made it sound like you cant record back to back shows. And my ATI card records on demand and you can do a search for future show that you like and set them up in a matter of seconds.

Im in a rush but ill look into it a little more later tonight!
Snapstream isn't a bad application, it is slower than Windows Media Center for sure but it has some nice feature such as a web based interface etc. I am not happy with the guide solution either, as you have to have an online account instead of nicely integrated like MCE.