texecom rfextreme with a weeder board?

I have some texecom rfextreme motion detectors. I though I might be able to hook them up to a weeder board, but I can't quite figure out the wiring. The instructions aren't very detailed on the wiring. I see a alarm circuit of 24v 500ma, but then i see a connection for a 18v & 0v.

I will try to post the pic from the manual later.
The Weeder boards are Digital I/O boards. I am using them with motion and door contacts. They are very fast and reliable. I am not familiar with the above mentioned motion sensors.
As TCassio said, the Weeder board is a I/O board. You can configure each port to be a I or a O and the board can power the device up to 18v. Its a simple connection, the port and a gnd.

The rfextreme has two connections for alarm, and a 18v and a 0v. This appears to be "standard" alarm panel wiring, but I'm not at all familiar with alarm panels.