Tricking WHS to install Delta 410 XP drivers


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On recommendation from Cocoontech, I had integrated an M-Audio Delta 410 into my home automation plan. Originally it resided in my HTPC, but I wanted to offload everything not Home Theatre related to a dedicated server running WHS.

After fighting to get through the install on my server board, I attempted to complete the install of my Delta 410. As quickly as I hit install, it cam e back that this OS was not supported. I tried the XP driver, the Vista driver, and Windows 2000 driver, all failed.

I tried googling Delta 410 and WHS and only got one hit, discussing failures as well. So I tried to come up with a way to trick the installer into thinking I was running XP. Doing some more googling, I discovered an application that Microsoft produces to test Applications called Application Verification.

  1. With the Delta 410 installed (Cancel any searching for drivers/installation,...)
  2. Download and Install Application Verifier from
  3. Download the Delta 410 Driver from M-Audio
  4. Run Application Verifier and add Delta V32
  5. On the left side, select Compatibility, under compatibility highlight HighVersionLie
  6. In the View menu, select Property Window
  7. Under Properties,Set Major Version to 5, Minor Version to 1 and Service Pack Major to 3
  8. Select Save
  9. Leaving Application Verifier open, run Delta V32
  10. When the driver installation looks to reboot, say "NO"
  11. Go to device manager and you will notice the Audio device with the yellow Exclamation mark, select it and choose properties
  12. Select install driver, and let it search for the drivers (it will find the M-audio drivers and install)
  13. Installation is successful, reboot
  14. On reboot, it will try to a file "setup.exe" and give you some errors (but in anticipation of this you installed the driver manually).
  15. M-audio Delta 410 will now work under WHS

Let me know if there are any problems with my instructions, I believe this to be the path required, but I had to do a lot of trial and error to get this far.

That is some great information. I've been considering moving to WHS and I would probably need to have the Delta 410 card installed on that machine. So your work will come in handy should I decide to go down that route.
I just installed the older version on WHS and that worked as well; guess they added the OS check in the later versions.