[Tutorials] How to monitor the status of an appliance using X-10


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Here is a way to monitor your appliances to tell if they are on or off via an X-10 housecode signal. Uses include washer/dryer monitor to tell when they turned off.

Items needed:

The sensor is a CR Magnetics current transformer part number "Model 19" which can be found here


The Power Flash module is made by X-10 and is available here


Heavy duty extension cord (capable of supplying 20 amp loads) or material to make your own extension cord using male and female 120 VAC adapters and 12 awg wire.

Short piece of 12 awg wire.

This current sensor is made to monitor AC Current and light an LED if the current exceeds two amps. It senses the current going through the appliance's hot wire which is run through its center hole (note to leave the insulation on the wire as the current will still be sensed).

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