UPB, Z-Wave and Insteon - Pushing the limits

While I agree that being able to manually control a switch is still a good thing, my goal with automating is to eliminate (or GREATLY reduce) the need to do so. Perhaps, someday, I may achieve this goal.

Agreed, but I always strive to maintain as close to 100% manual control ability, IF my controller is down. One of the reasons I went UPB, and I try to maintain as MUCH of my "automation" as I can at the UPB layer. I use Homeseer to just monitor and influence behavior of the switches.

One thing I've done, but took out for non-related reasons, is to put a split faceplate on the switch. Then use a link to control all the things you would usually "palm". For instance, in the bathroom, the light can have a split switch faceplate. Then hit the side nearest the door for light. The side nearest the fan switch only sends out a link "bathroom on". Both the Fan and the Light are to be programmed to respond to the bathroom on link. You hit that and BOTH the fan and the light will turn on, one button press, no mashing/palming involved.

I have 87+ Insteon nodes in my home, and I can't say enough positive things about it.

I am using an ISY 994IRPRO along with a 2413S PLM to control everything.

I have had Z-Wave in my home, and it is no longer welcome. I've had too many issues trying to control devices in my detached garage, where Insteon works flawlessly.