Upgrade ELK M1G firmware?


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Do I or don't I upgrade ELK M1G firmware?
I have Boot 3.1.15 and Firmware 4.3.12.
Things are running OK but I plan to add new stuff, etc.
Any issues with the upgrade?
If it is not broken, don't fix it.

Read the software fix's list on the ELK download site and see if it warrants the upgrade for your installation.

M1 software upgrade 4.4.4 will be out in a few weeks, so maybe wait until then.
Good question Guy! I wish Elk would be more forthcoming in what they are currently working on firware-wise (even if it doesn't make it in the final release). This would give customers something to look forward to.

Speaking for myself, I'm looking for a major update on the Z-Wave interface to determine status or be able to "see" the Z-Wave motion detectors.
The next M1 software release 4.4.4 is more minor issue tweaks than feature adds. Nothing to get excited about. We have to protect you guys from programming illegal combinations.

Several items must be redesigned to get Zwave status feedback.