Another M1XEP communication problem


According to ElkRP my program last talked with the M1XEP 2/13/2023. Since that time I have made no changes in the software itself or the M1EXP. If I run the diagnostic tool for the M1EXP it immediately shows up but when I hit the find button in ElkRP it cannot locate the M1EXP.. I am running Windows 10, system type is M1G, hardware version 0.13, boot version 3.3.6, firmware version 5.3.10 any and all help is welcome!
I've run into this before, but forgot how I fixed it :( Have you power-cycled the M1XEP and/or the entire M1 installation? Are you able to continuously ping it?
On two occasions in the past 5 years or so, my M1XEP IP address was reset to default for unknown reasons. Try reaching it via the default IP address.