*** Uplink 4500EZ Serial Connector Pic. Need to find the pin out...


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What DEL said.
If there is no marking you can take apart the 9pin connector and see which color wire is connected to pin 1. The 9 pin connectors mostly are labelled. You may need a magnifier to see it....Follow that wire to the other end to pin 1.
May hold true, but not always the case, especially if there's a crossover to different equipment.
It's easier to reference the connector on the downstream equipment.
Well, there was no white dot or other index, so I decided to wait until Alarm Relay tech support called me to plug in the cable.

It turns out that the Uplink 4500EZ was a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for the old Uplink 2500. All that was required was to give then the serial number from the new 4500EZ.

The technition was very knowledgable, and gave me the correct orientation for the plug, rebooted the system (turn back on), and then tested a burglar alarm and fire alarm.

NO changes to the ELK configuration were needed for then new U4500EZ.

NO changes (DIP switches) to the U4500 configuration were needed "out of the box".

I've attached a picture of the installed unit, showing the correct 4500CAB cable orientation.


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Hey everyone, new M1 user here trying to make my way through the arduous task of installing this.  On this cable between the 4500ez and the M1xsp, I see where someone posted the pinout to be 2 > 10Rx, 3 > 9Tx and 5 > 7 Gnd....when i lookup the pinout on a db9 cable I get two different pinouts depending on which one is the female or the male side.  Im ASSUMING the above is the 'cable pinout' which makes the 2, 3, and 5 of a female end thus if you are staring at the cable end of the plug on the end of the cable and the 5 pins are "up" and the 4 pins are "down", then the pin 1 is on the right and the pin 5 is on the left.  Can someone confirm because I haven't seen any pictures of the actual cable anywhere except for those who have shown the 4500ez connections.  Thanks again, just trying not to burn some stuff up here!