Vertical Blind Motor

Hi guys,

The first intall is going reasonably well. The UPB is in with the only glitch being me accidentally disconecting a switch on a live ciruit and friying the internals during testing. (PBTTT!)

The elk m1 is up and running on my test bench and I am playing with the automation programming at this time for lighting, spinkler contro etc.

Have a new Dell pentium up and running that I have to configure with HAL and set up an ethernet system on, DB FON system, etc.

Cabinets in the first house are about a month away so I have a little time to get the Speakercraft MZC 66 and all the Dennon components in and programmed after I get all the pervious "et ceteras" done.

If I were twins, we'd both be busy..LOL

Todays question is that I want to hang a tapestry on the wall above the 42 inch LCD tv that I can raise and lower at will. Can't seem too find anything that will work with UPB, but HAL will also interface with X10 although I have never used that system.

It would only need to lift a 15 to 20 pound tapestry and I guess built in limit travel switches would be helpful. Would prefer to stick to hardwired system (probably because I am an electrician) so that I can parallel the push button(s) with a relay, but wireless is OK if that is all I can get.

Is there anything that operates like a garage door opener? I only need a single button press to travel to the upper limit and then another press to lower. Possibly a tubular moter that I can attach cording to that just reels up and down like a capstan?

Thanks for all the good info you guys keep posting.
. . . not sure how big the tapestry is . . . but rather than re-inventing the wheel . . . you might be able to hack an existing retractable projector screen to suit your task ? ? ?

Pete C