viewsonic doen't know what they're made of...


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So the fan on vmy Viewpad sounds like it's starting to fail. Instead of its normal whining, it begins to grind after it warms-up (It's not the HDD, the sound is localized to the fan and only audible when the fan is running).

so I write ViewSonic:

I have a Viewpad 1000 that is well out of it warranty period. The case/heat
sink fan is beginning to fail and needs to be replaced. I am compforatable
opening the case, as I have removed/replaced the hard drive twice in the past.

What are the specifications (size, rpm, power consumption, or actual
maunfaturer and part #) for this fan so that I may purchaes a replacement for

Thank you,

John R. Fuda
And they reply:
Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting ViewSonic Technical Support.

Unfortunately, we do not have the specs for the fan for this unit.

Paul T.


ViewSonic Technical Support
ViewSonic Corporation
381 Brea Canyon Road
Walnut, CA 91789
So last night I opened 'er up and took the HSF assembly apart. The fan was very dirty, as were the copper fins that act to cool the system. I cleaned the fan, peeled back the sticker that covers the little bushing on the fan, and added a drop of oil. I then reassembled everything. Everything worked, and the fan was much quieter than before, but still making some grinding noise. So it's an improvement, but I still see pending doom.

While I had the fan out, I combed the internet for a replacement. It appears to be 35mm, 5V and 0.12A and made by a company called SEI. It mounts via 3 points at its base and does not have a "frame" around it. It looks very much like a chipset cooling fan that I have, which is integrated into a little chipset heatsink, except that fan is larger (about 50mm). I searched by specs, manufacturer and what appeared to be model number, none resulted in anytning useful.

I wonder what a ViewSonic service center would use to replace the fan?

If worse comes to worse, I'll have to somehow have the case so that a slightly larger, externally mounted fan, blows air into the hole that the current fan sucks air into... It won't be pretty, but it should work. Did you ever see that commercial where the office computer guy was upgrading people's PCs but duct taping various components to them?
I have seen that commercial... duct tape 1000 uses, now 1001.

I would call Viewsonic and ask that the call be escalated to the next level, or ask to be transferred to the group that would handle service/support calls from authorized repair shops or the like.

You probably got the response from the lowest level of support who didn't have the information, but I'm guessing if you get it upped a notch or two you will get the answer you want.

I'm thinking for something as specific like this the front line just doesn't know (I remember at one point I had to call Dell 4 times to get an answer on CPU upgrade for a friend and that is something you are supposed to be able to do...).

Probably beats the 'duct tape' approach if you have the patience to bite down on it with them...