VIP Systems(TM) Announces a New Product Line

The site won't load for me right now, but if this is the mirror tint I have seen on cars before, it won't be as reflective as a bathroom mirror.

Looks like the other stuff we found will work for the Beta Brite application and the LCD.
This is not the exact same thing as mirror tint for cars. I have seen the mirror tint for cars and i agree that it would not work. But on that site are some photos that you can look at and from the outside of the house looking in all you can see is a mirror reflection. The film in the link i posted was designed for residential use not auto use.

I sent them and e-mail asking for a sample. We will see what happens. Perhaps if we just let this post live a little longer some expert will come along and give us their opinion.

I also tried to call the company but the number provided was for technical support and not sales so i hung up the phone before talking to anyone. If someone wants to stay on the phone with them to see if they can get a free sample the number is.

electron said:
check out this url:

# Can be Used to Hide a Flat Screen TV Mounted over a Fireplace. (Remote will work through the mirror).
# Not Recommended for Areas more than 12 square feet other than as a TV Screen Protector .
I was looking at that site earlier today. Figured if I needed to order anything like this, I'd order from them since they have the same initials as where I went to school. :)
I just measured one of the mirror 'panels', looks like it is 8"x21", so hopefully it won't be too expensive. Squintz, did you ever get a hold of anyone?
They said yes.

I e-mailed gilafilms and asked for a sample of their film so i could see if it would work for putting a tv behind and and still be able to use it as a real mirror. Here is how the short conversation went.

I am interested in your Privacy Mirror Film and would like to know if
I could have a small sample of the product.

Thank You
'Address Edited'

Amy(gilafilms rep):
Sure! I'll mail your samples today!

Thank You!

So i should have an answer for you guys shortly and maybe even some sample photos.
Results from my gila samples are in:

It not going to work. The films reflection is enough to see yourself fairly clearly but not reflectie enough to pass as a actual mirror. The quality of the film is very nice for its actual purpose so if you like the looks of the gila film for your windows i would recommend it. BTW you can get your own free sample simply by clicking the free sample link on their web site. Looks like the half silvered mirrors also know as two way mirrors is the only way to go.

I did come up with a new idea for my bathroom and that is to use alot of smaller mirrors instead of one big one. That way the only mirror that has to be half silvered is the one that the tv is behind. It will be a while before i ever get to do something this cool so hopefully someone will take the plunge first and write a how to with detail on all the good prices.