ViziaRF Zones/Scenes Not Registering ELK M1XZW?


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Installed the elk M1XZW tonight... I have synced with the Vizia RF primary controller (RZCPG) and now have individual nodes. On/off/dimmer control of elk light number 97+ are all working fine.

However, i have defined areas with the remote (should be equivalent of zones). Also created what Leviton claims are indeed scenes via the profiles - see my past posts.

Just in case the vizia scene numbering didn't start at 1, I've setup all 32 scenes in ElkRM to see if just maybe the Vizia scene i created was somewhere, but none fire the scene i created when i turn them on. However, the remote correctly maps/sees it.

For the zones, i didn't feel like entering 64 lines in ElkRM, so i have defined Elk light numbers 1-4 - but again, turning these on/off did nothing). I have about 10 areas defined in the system (1 for each zone, plus several combinations lik upstairs, downstairs, living area)

I used format = Serial Expander* on all three types, Type = Dimmer (tried on/off switch too, to no avail)...

Any ideas? appreciated...


any ideas on this one? (i think it's probably more on the leviton side of things since individual outputs work...)

just curious if you guys might have tested with this particular handheld remote?

Any chance there is any z-wave enabled software (standalone, not ztroller w/ homeseer) where i could transfer the controllers registry to and review / edit online ?

I'm reluctant to fork out the dough for the homepro remote unless i know it would indeed fix my problem...