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Hi - I've been lurking and learning from these boards for a long time.  Today I finally took the plunge and registered.  I'm in the process of building an ELK M1 Gold security and home automation system that will replace the Radeonics 4112 alarm system that came with my house.  The house seems to have been pre-wired with the basics like door contacts, PIR, and some sort of heat or smoke detectors (small white porceline pucks with a metal dish on top).  
I'm a thirty something with a software programming background who has been dabbling with open source hardware (Raspberry Pi and Arduino) over the last year and hope to put some of that experience to work during my build.  The initial system I am building will seek to utilize the door (and couple window) contacts in place and PIR (understanding that I'll likely need to update these since they look ancient) and expand additional contact sensors slowly from there with a bias toward wired sensors (some areas may end up using wireless first and years later move to wired via remodeling projects).  My first step has been to run CAT6 between the keypad sites and the can.  Thankfully the right access points and chases exist (I know I could have simply used the retrofit board and 22/4 in the walls, but I'm hoping to future proof a bit and/or ensure future flexibility).  After completing the keypad runs, my plan is to work between a Radeonics 4112 schematic I found online and transition the appropriate wires (zones) to the ELK.  The 4112 panel offers 6 different zones (1 fire, 5 other).  Out of the 5 non-fire zones there are 4 EOL resistors (last zone seems unused) in the can with what appears to be a long loop on each zone created to place each EOL there.  
The house is 2400 sqft and 50 years old; it has a finished basement so my speed and dreams are a bit tempered by what is possible using new wiring, however, in previous efforts to run Ethernet to various floors I've located chases that allow me wiring access to all floors of the house (trade off of course is wiring length/wiring expense).  I will use only local alarm with eKeypad for iphone/iwatch initially until I've gained full confidence in the system before looking at cellular CS monitoring.
Thank you all for the vibrant discussions, tips, and questions this board has accumulated over the years!