Wattstopper Miro lighting control?

I have not heard of it before. Does it have any PC or HA hardware interfaces? It appears to be proprietary & stand-alone.


• Topdog™ RF communication protocol; 900MHz Radio, bidirectional
• Large, surface-mounted antenna ensures maximum broadcast coverage
• Stores room and house scenes
• Switches support PANIC mode operation
• Fan Controls provide previous speed recall (preset)
• Power failure restore to last-used speed or state
• Patented overload and short circuit protection
• Compatible with decorator wall plates

I sort of remember seeing their booth, but it did not 'pull me in'. Seemed like it was a very small booth and they did not really have much to show.
YES! I have used the Miro system.
It was installed in a project we designed (lighting designer here) and it was just finished last month.
We did have a couple of bugs with the system, but once it was set up is seems to be ok.
I personally do not like the "euro" style paddles, but they just released a decora compatible style. And the homeowner DID like the euro style, so there you go...

After programming, I would say my biggest complaint is setting the dimmed level of a dimmer. The press and hold dim up/down function is not great. While I don't have much experience with other dimmers that work this way, I would not like it in my house.
HOWEVER, I assume that once the presets are programmed, you don't spend much time with the individual dimmers.

I was looking forward to specifing the new ViziaRF which has the smaller raise lower toggle on a new job, and also in our house, but based on what I have been learning, I am not I am going to....
The cost savings from the RadioRa would be nice....But configuration is a big factor, and buzzing dimmers not an option.