What AV Matrix Switch are you using?


What are you using for your personal AV distribution?

1. Brand.
2. Number of Sources
3. Number of Zones
4. Expandable
5. Method of Distribution ie Component, S-Video, Composite
6. In wall wiring: RG6, Cat-5 or Combination
7. Overall Satisfaction 1 - 10
8. Honest Feedback, Tech Junie to Tech Junkie (No Marketing BS):
I separate whole-house-audio from video distro, since in one case I directly power speakers, and the other is just a passive matrix.

After acquiring a 4x4 Autopatch at a ludicrously low cost, it seems decent, but the BNC adapters are a PITA. I wouldn't have opted to buy it new, but for a few hundred bucks to distribute component HDTV, you can't go wrong. Tech support is awesome too.

For audio, the Xantech ZPR6(zone)8(source) was decent, very expandable with the EXP9 zone expander. The protocol was a little slow, and I inititially liked it because it allowed me to buy amps to suit each zone. However, I ended up with too much junk in the rack, so I swapped it out for the concerto. I really like that.
I'm using two Autopatch Units. The main switcher is a Precis, I picked it up on eBay for $500. It has 12 input sets and 8 output sets. Each set consists of 5 BNC high bandwith connections and 1 pair of screw-clamp/euro connectors for switching each stereo pair of line level connectors.

I'm using three of the BNC for component video, one for digital audio and one spare for now. The line level connectors are switching my background audio. Those input signals are paralleled to the second switcher (1ydm? I forget :) ) for a total of twelve stereo pairs out. I paid $30 for the second unit on eBay, it only switches audio.

I bought 2 AudioAccess PX600 (I think) each around $300. They auto switch on/off and are 12 channel each, giving me 12 rooms of background music.

I just finished (almost) the wiring. 5 RG6 to each tv and 1 pair of 14-2 or 12-2 for each background speaker.

Satisfaction level? Really low right now, I'm on the tail end of pulling 25,000+ feet of wire, in the middle of which we installed a fiber optic star field in our theater ceiling which took a month and I planned a long weekend for :) .... I hope I'm happy with it. (both the sound system and starfield!)

I really liked the look of the Russound stuff, but I'm a cheapskate and couldn't spend the Franklins....

Brotsten? Off topic, but when you have recovered from your ordeal, how about a "How to" post on putting in a fiber optic "starfield" :)