What is the Facility Code used by the ELK M1?


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Is there a way of setting the facility code used by an ELK M1?

According to the ELK M1G's reference manual, enrollment of a prox card can fail if "The facility code in the card/fob does not
match the reader facility code". My guess is that if you buy an ELK-branded prox card then you probably won't encounter this problem.

I want to connect a combination keypad/Prox reader (non-ELK equipment) to an ELK KP1 keypad. It sends a 26-bit Wiegand code when a prox card is swiped or if you enter 4 digits on its keypad. However, in order to construct the 26-bit code, the keypad must be programmed with the same facility code used by the M1.

Does anyone know this facility code or can you simply set it on the M1? Or is the ELK's facility code a secret?

If you're wondering why I'm doing this ...
I have a KP1 keypad in my laundry room and I want to put the prox reader in the garage for convenience. I can disarm the system with the prox reader without having to unlock the door to the laundry room. Having a keypad/prox reader just increases the convenience.
that way, a burglar can steal you wallet or keychain (wherever your prox card is), and disarm your alarm before he ever has to open a door and trigger the alarm?
You could always use one of the Arming Stations. The cost has to be comparable to an HID ProxPro with Pin or something of that nature. Unless you have already acquired the reader, that is.
The M1 does not reference a facility code. Whatever is programmed on the card when it is learned is stored in the M1's card data.
The M1 does not reference a facility code. Whatever is programmed on the card when it is learned is stored in the M1's card data.

Thanks for clearing that up, Spanky. I assumed that if a prox card can be rejected due to an incorrect facility code, then it must be stored by the M1. Wrong!

So all I need to do is set the keypad/prox reader's facility code to an arbitrary value and then use the normal enrollment process.

Gatchel, DeLicious,
  • I discounted the Arming Station because its keypad buttons are too small for my liking.
  • The prox reader will be installed inside the garage. You must enter through a monitored door before you can access the reader.
I agree that it would be more secure without the reader but it is a compromise. Without the reader, driving into the garage becomes less convenient if you are obliged to quickly exit the car, unlock the laundry door, enter the house and disarm the M1. A wireless fob would be the most convenient but is less secure because it allows you to disarm the M1 without entering the house.
The prox reader will let me exit the car, swipe the card and get back to unloading the groceries, check the mailbox, stare at the lawn (needs mowing again?!?) or whatever else.