Where to mount in-wall volume controls?


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Is there a commonly agreed upon best practice about where to physically put in-wall volume controllers? Should I put in the same general location as the light switch? Might be kind of hard, esp as I read that i'm supposed to maintain an 8" distance between LV & HV.
The few times I have done this I mounted the switch on the stud closest to the entrance to the room and the volume control on the next stud (within the same cavity) which puts them about 11 or 12" apart (studs are 16" on center but allowing for the 2" width of each box).

Sometimes that is not practical because of furniture placement etc.

You can use a low voltage trim ring for the volume control and mount it like a rework box closer to the switch if you maintain the 8". I beleive the 8" is more saftey but further would be better if you are not running sheilded wire.

Just an idea.
I was going for a 'clean' look, so when possible, I mounted them behind the door . . . well, left empty gang-boxes for them anyway. . . so far I just have IR control for my WHA (whole house audio) . . .

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pete said:
I was going for a 'clean' look, so when possible, I mounted them behind the door
I did this, mounted them behind the door, and very glad I did. Very high WAF as she doesn't like seeing another "hole-in-the-wall".
Thanks for that great tip. I broke the news to the wife tonight that I was putting inwall controllers [she still doesn't even want speakers in the various rooms], and drew circles on the wall where they were going to go.

I'm not sure I have high WAF, as I think that'd be impossible with this, but at least I have "ok, fine, as long as it's out of the way" WAF.