Whole House Audio Amp location

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collin, the only issue i see with that is the air may not be on in the house when the closet needs air sucked out, but it wouldnt hurt. notice collin said RETURN air, not a vent that blows air in the closet. important coz otherwise it would also blow heat into the closet in the cool months of course.


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Not only that but I want to keep the air inside and in the loop. You hear of people caulking their windows... Putting a 50 CFM fan blowing to the outside means 50 CFM also has to come in from the outside. In an OK summer it may be 115* F with 80% humidity, the trade would be a bad deal.

Also you can use the same temp switches to kick the fan on from the HVAC system, since I am in a single zone 2 story house I leave the fan going almost always just to turn the air over inside the house. Otherwise it gets to 80 upstairs before the thermostat sees the 75 it takes to kick on the compressor. Sucks I know but I got a good enough deal on the house to retrofit something in the future.