Whole House Audio Speakers


Has anyone ever heard of these guys:


For $59 a pair, 30 return policy, and a 5 year warranty, I am thinking they are worth a shot?

I am just looking for simple whole house audio. I am not looking to blow the roof off, just good sound.


I don't know from that, but I got some Niles 6.1SI for $68/ea (steal of a deal, I got a hookup if you want). They're single speakers with stereo inputs, but sound pretty darn good.

Actually about to order 2 more of them myself...
Tymon said:
Has anyone ever heard of these guys:


For $59 a pair, 30 return policy, and a 5 year warranty, I am thinking they are worth a shot?
I've had their speakers for my 5.1 setup and a few pairs around the house for 5 or so years now . . no issues so far and, while not high end, they sound pretty good (to me anyhow) . .

Pete C
For another source of inexpensive speakers, I recently had a great experience with these guys:


I purchased a pair of outdoor rock speakers for my patio and a pair of their Weather Resistant Ceiling Speakers for a couple of our bathrooms. Everything shipped promptly, arrived safely and works great.

Only negative I can say is that they don't double-box the products when they ship them, but everything arrived safe and undamaged so this was only a minor nit.

Good luck,

This is just a thought. But most whole house audio systems seem to be low powered (30-40 watt). Looking for the speaker that has the higher efficency rating may be helpful.
What do we look at to gauge efficency? Is it the sensitivity statistic?

I just want to know what to look for.

EDIT: I'm dumb and couldn't find the specs until they were pointed out to me. The speakers look to have solid frequency response and sensitivity. My advice would be to just give those folks a call before ordering and make sure the guy on the other end isn't anything like this guy.

I have several sets of speakers from HTD. I have their outdoor speakers and in-wall (their best ones). I've been very pleased with them. I use their in-walls in several rooms - but not a critical listening location (such as a theater). I am powering them with 100W amps and they sound good at all volumes. However, I also have subwoofers in these rooms - I think they sound a little light in the bass (almost all in-walls do).

They are located in Dallas - I stopped by their office one day when in town and listened to a bunch of their stuff. Good people and good products. I wouldn't hesitate in buying anything from them.

(*your mileage may vary*)
Uhhmm...maybe I just don't want/need as high of quality as everyone else, but I'm just using some decent ($20) computer speakers. This way I don't need an amp. Just an appliance module to turn them on/off when needed.

Then the PC pours the music/announcments/etc. out.

Well I have used some BIC in wall speakers in my kitchen off Ebay for a couple years now and they sound great for the money (around $69). Here they are shown mounted on a side wall. Good WAF being able to play her music from my Now Playing via the touch tablet mounted under the cabinet.