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I've noticed that some people here have used wire duct in their installations. The only sources I seem to be finding sell it by the case in 2 meter lengths. Can someone suggest a good source?

Thanks, Mike
I bought my wire ducting from Automation Direct, awesome pricing, and great service. This is what I got:

They are one of the few who don't require you to buy in bulk, and it's the best deal I could find.
I saw the automation direct site, but I had already been through so many that I missed that they had the smaller quantities. I'll be placing an order shortly.

I appreciate the tips,
I purchased some din-rail from these guys on an eBay auction. They sent me a price list for their stuff, which includes wire duct.

It appears they sale by the foot, piece or case.

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Paul K stated that he used Panduit P/N F1.5X2WH, which is the thin finger version of G1.5X2WH. It appears that Electron used the 1x1, wide finger version from AutomationDirect. I like the price of the stuff brotsen linked to, but it is wide finger only. Paul, got a cheap source for Panduit?

The wide finger stuff is about .31" gaps with .47" fingers.
The narrow finger stuff is about .16" gaps with .24" fingers.

What are the pros & cons of wide versus narrow finger?

What are the pros & cons to the various sizes of duct? Get the biggest that fits in your cabinet and around your devices? Or is 1"x1" enough?

Here is a cross reference chart for brands & models http://support.automationdirect.com/docs/wireduct_xref.html
Hi Wayne,

The finger width is really just a matter of preference. I think the narrow finger works better and produces a more professional result when working with small wires like are used for security. If you're running coax or speaker wire through them, the wide finger fits better.

Best thing about the narrow finger stuff is that it's easy to break off the fingers (they are pre-scored to facilitate this) to make wider slots!

The 1.5" x 2" is a great fit for most structured wiring boxes. The smaller stuff will work but provides much less room of you have lots of wires to stuff in there. I'll often leave "service loops" which basically means to leave the wire long. I can double it up in the wire duct where it can't be seen and then the wire is still long enough if it needs to be re-routed somewhere else in the box down the road.

The Panduit stuff is not inexpensive... I just purchased a case and it was over $450 wholesale.

If anyone on the message board is interested in short lengths, let me know. I'll sell the 1.5" x 2" by the foot...