Have you heard they are coming out with WirelessUSB devices in Q3 2006? The new wireless system is supposed to provide the normal 480-330Mbps transfer rate from 30ft. Syncing to this new technology will have 2 options: 1. Connect the camera, camcorder, automation device, etc. to the computer by normal USB cable to establish a connection. After the connection is established, you can unplug the device. Now, any time the device is within range of the computer, it will be recognized. 2. Syncing can also work like bluetooth devices. The device will have a number assigned to it. When you bring it into range of the computer, the computer will display a short number. If the numbers match, the host (computer) and device are connected.

Just thought I would let everyone know seeing as though this will impact the automation front.
300+Mb/s is only within 3m. At 10m, the speed degrades to something close to 100Mb/s. Speed degrades quickly with walls as well. It uses Ultra Wide Band(UWB) as the transport, the same as the next version of bluetooth.
Dongles and express adapters will be out in Q3. I'm not sure that you would need a hub, just a WirelessUSB dongle. I wonder if they will come out wit a USB to serial adapter. That would be nice.
upstatemike said:
Will there be wireless USB hubs for connecting legacy USB devices?

At the USB Implementers Forum Devcon in San Jose last week I saw a prototype hub with wireless on one side and four wired USB plugs on the other. The alternative legacy connection would be through a wireless USB dongle on either end which is the standard demonstration device these days, usually running some form of full rate video at a range of about one foot between devices.

Most of the UWB chip companies are not expecting to ship product before late summer or early fall and at this point few if any have received FCC certification which takes about two months. Normal people won't need to worry about UWB, particularly for home control, for as much as two years yet.

George West said:
if any have received FCC certification which takes about two months.

If they design it correctly and pass the first try FCC cert could be turned around fairly quickly with the use of TCB's nowadays.. months had turned to weeks