Would this IR config work?


I'm a little ignorant on whether this would work.  I'm looking at the HDMI + IR over Cat6 from monoprice, (sorry, can't post links but it's product 8008)
However, instead of using the included IR emitter, I'd like to connect the IR out from the wall plate to the IR receiver in on a connecting block (from Xantech, or equivalent).  However, I'm not sure if a signal that's intended for an emitter output can be used as the input for an IR receiver input... almost like daisy chaining the devices.  I would think both devices are trying to supply power on the line (one supplying to an emitter, the other supplying to a receiver), so my gut says something bad would happen.
The IR on that POS is both a transmitter and a receiver, so as stated it should work by having it go to a distribution block. . My bet is the IR is not whats going to be the problem but the junky azz hdmi part. 30 METERS? 3D? 1080p? 24bit and all codecs? I give that thing a 1% chance of working right all the time. No way I would EVER trust my system to that part. The old saying works here, if its sound too good to be true,,,,
PS. I dont see a setting to make the IR transmit or receive but I have never seen one that will do both with only one jack and not settings!
If i were you i would stay away from IR.  That's just my experience.
I moved all of my equipment to a closet about 50 feet away and couldn't get IR to work reliably with blasters or dongles directly connected to the specific devices.  I switched over to RF and all of my activity's work without any issue.
I currently use the Harmony 900 remote with the RF blaster, works like a champ.  
Right Craer, but he will still need to get IR signal to his TV even if he has an RF system. BUT, in his set up as described is not the right way to go: IR blocks (skip that IMMEDIATELY and go RF) and the chinese junk box 8008.
Really guys!?!?
While not the best solution I've been running IR distribution going back 15 yrs. with my channel modulators. Hell, we even did it at my parent's old house with a C-band dish many many years ago. Never had any issues.
Now, if you really want to skip something I'd skip RF! Might as well go straight to Wi-Fi (TCP/HTML/etc.) which is becoming the majority of mine now :)
Of course you need to go with touchscreens then. If you go RF you are limited into what you can use for a remote so keep that in mind if you want to expand.
For the OP's question... the device is passive so you should be able to run it straight into a block with the worry of double power. Although, if it doesn't work you could use an IR signal converter (~$50).
Wi-Fi/TCP is hopefully the future, however right now not everything supports it,  AVR's are finally just starting to actually support it, i still cant understand what's taken them so long, but it is amazing.  
The problem i have with it, is i have yet to find a single pane of glass solution that supports all my devices.  I find myself jumping in and out of app's to support it.  This is mainly a problem because the gf cant figure it all out, where as with the RF remote, she can grab it, press "watch tv" and it works.