X-10 Question


I hope this is not a repost of something simple.

I have a variety of X-10 devices on house code "D". All 16 addresses are used. There are some X-10 branded switches, a few lamp modules and some Levition 6381 switches. I also have a couple of Leviton 6400 transmiters with 4 button keypads. (3 addresses switched with bright / dim on the fourth key)

So, when my M-1 sends an all lights on commnad for house code "D" everything turns on. Then, when my M-1 sends an all lights off command for house code "D" only the X-10 branded switches turn off, along with the LED's for the keypads. The lamp modules and Levition switches stay on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Rupp said:
You may need to use "All Units Off" rather than all lights off.
I'll try that tonight. Do you know what specifically the difference in the command is. I know the purpose is to exclude appliance type modules from being affected. However, since these are dimmable light modules it seems unusual to have to use that command. ??? But then again, I am not an expert or I would'nt be asking. ;)
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You are correct with regards to the difference between "All Lights Off" and "All Units Off". The former is meant to exclude appliance modules. However, there is no real specification for X10, so nothing is implemented in a consistent manner (as you have found).

Which commands a device responds to is determined by each company's marketing person, who probably received his degree in botany.
There are some X10 devices that do not respond to All Lights Off. As said above use the All Units Off.