Enerwave relays interfering with X-10?


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I coupled an Enerwave dual relay with a motion detector flood light so the motion detector would trigger the relay to turn the light on or off or I could turn it on or off via my Homeseer ZEE v2.  After I added the relay, my Homeseer would no longer control X-10 and I thought my CM11A interface died.  The plugin reports a fatal error.
Then I added another floodlight with another Enerwave relay (single, not dual) and a Leviton ZWave plug to act as a repeater so I would have a good signal.  I turned off the breaker to do the installation and when I turned it back on all the LEDs on all the X-10 switches in the house started blinking and won't stop.  Even the LED on the coupler repeater wired to the breaker box is blinking which I understand is a sign of noise on the line.
When I turn off the breaker to the floodlights, the blinking stops on the X-10 switches so I know it has something to do with the relays or the motion detector floods.
Has anyone had anything similar happen.  Any ideas?
You could add an X10 filter to the line with the new relay. I'd guess they are noisy or blocking X10.
The CM11A is very susceptible to any kind of noise either inside or outside.  An X10 filter will help.  Currently using V.40 of the X10 plugin for the CM11A.  Check out the thread over on the Homseer forum.  Turn debug and watch the CM11A talk.