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X10 Pro PSC05 wiring to a Vista 20P from an old Ademco 50


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The old 50 panel was hooked up to the PSC05 and it all worked fine... it just turned on the outside lights whenever the alarm went off. I changed the old panel to a new Vista 20P, and I can't see how to wire the X10 to the new panel. The old panel had a 9 pin bus, the new panel has an 8 pin bus (7 if you include the missing pin 2), and I cant make sense of anything in the 20P instructions on how to wire it.

The phone jack on the X10 was wired thusly to the old 50 panel (and Im not at all sure the pigtail used on the 50 was the proper pigtail to use, maybe they just used whatever they had laying around)...
position 1 black was wired to the yellow and white wires on the 50 pigtail
position 2 red and position 3 green was wired to the black on the 50 pigtail
position 4 yellow was wired to the green on the 50 pigtail

Anybody out there know how to make this PSC05 work with a Vista 20P? Again, all it needs to do is turn on the lights when the alarm goes off (and I assume it would also turn off the lights when the alarm was disarmed / silenced).


Just a guess here but you only need three wires.
Old panel - On the RJ 4 wire connector the middle 2 wires are ground, X10 Zero, X10 out.  
Vista panel - 8 pin connector - data = pin #6, comm = pin #7 and sync = Pin #8.  I wouldn't look at the colors. 
Guessing that if you by accident switched X10 Zero and X10 out you would not cause any harm.
You can't mess up with three wires.   It will either work or it will not work.