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Saying hello, and introducing my website. New to the board. I am from Philadelphia, PA, USA. I am 32 years old. My wife and I recently had our first baby, Shani Conine. My wife is Persian. Hopefully, you are not too miffed by my site introduction. I could use some feedback, that will help me, obviously. I look forward to your thoughts. I understand, it is not the greatest.
Charlton Conine

my site
Hello and welcome:

Website looks good. Our membership is always looking for flat screen/touch screen deals to install as a front end for their home automation systems.

Your site is a shopping directory only? In other words, you don't deal in any of the sales directly? I'm curious as a lot of products have their prices striked out. Is the purpose just a directory to various flat screens only?

Regards and again welcome,


I wanit, I wanit. Though if I get it, I better learn how to cook. Wait.... I can just watch the Food Network in the kitchen, while I cook my tuna helper :)

7-inch folding, swiveling LCD TV; measures 13.75 x 8 x 11 inches (W x H x D) when open
125-channel cable-ready tuner, built-in AM/FM stereo
Can be used as a speakerphone; LED clock
2 composite A/V inputs, 1 RF, and a headphone jack
Built-in stereo speakers (1.2 watts each

Price: $298.94

Edit: fixed price typo.
oops .. :)

Sorry bout that. Didn't mean to get your hopes up only for them to be dashed at the checkout lane.
It really bothers me that the first post you made is a link to a site you run, which is designed to generate revenue from referrals (I don't see any useful information on the site that you personally added). I'll give you a chance to explain, but otherwise I will consider removing this topic unless you are interested in paying for advertising here.
Hopefully, you are not too miffed by my site introduction. I could use some feedback, that will help me, obviously. I look forward to your thoughts. I understand, it is not the greatest.

It could be that he is really sincere about wanting help in design for his page.
Guess we'll have to wait and see, though.

A few suggestions, mind you I am not a web designer. Use a Vertical seperator for the left and right columns. Use color for the background...the totally white page is a little bare and looks like it was put together quickly. Also, Seperate the header (title) from the body... make it stand out so others will remember the site and what its for. Also, the pink background for the sub-titles is a bit, well, not appealing. Also, maybe put a drop-down box so people can choose how many items they wantt displayed per page -- a choice of 5, 10, 20 etc. One more thing, since Im ranting... Use different size fonts for selection... like by manufacture at 18pt. By price category use 14pt, etc.... It would help make the page look more defined.

There are a lot of books out there that deal with design issues (also, a lot of webpages). I would take a look around and see what you can find.

Good Luck,
Well I haven't deleted the topic because there is a chance he has good intensions, but no responses and only 1 post is usually a bad sign.
True, true.

May I make a suggestion though? Instead of geting rid of the thread entirely, how bout just editing the link. The only reason I say this, is in case others want to come and do the 1 post thing, they will be able to see that this is not proper etiquette.

Just an idea, do you what you must :)

OK... i came in at the end of this conversation and am not sure what i missed. Does treetop have his own site now that he is selling stuff from. If so i want to know what the link is so PM it to me.

In my opinion TreeTop has been around here long enough that if he wants to let everyone know he has a new site then so be it. I wouldnt get on him to hard. Maybe im just confused about the entire thread tho so ill stop while i still can.