ZigBee products to emerge in 2005


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ZigBee products will be shipping in
several high volume markets by year end, according to recent research by ON

"There are a growing number of companies eagerly awaiting the ZigBee
networking protocol to become publicly available," says ON World's senior
analyst Dr. Charlie Chi. "Despite some confusion and controversy about
ZigBee's suitability for certain markets, the demand for interoperable, low
data rate, and low cost wireless networking solutions remains strong," he

ZigBee ramping up
Now that Chipcon, Freescale, CompXs and Ember offer ZigBee-compliant
platforms, there will soon be increasing ZigBee products developed by OEMs
such asControl4, Eaton, NURI Telecom, Philips and Tour Andover Controls.
While ZigBee will appear in consumer, residential and commercial markets
first, the potential return on investment remains high for the industrial

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Standards versus Proprietary
Wireless mesh innovators such as Crossbow Technology, Dust Networks,
Millennial Net and Sensicast are gaining customer traction in industrial and
commercial markets with end-to-end proprietary "ZigBee-Plus" solutions.
Demand for ultra robust, reliable and low powered solutions will likely
continue, however these startups will be increasingly squeezed from component
suppliers on one side and companies with expertise in particular markets such
as Accutech, Omnisense and Wireless Sensors, Inc. on the other.

ON World has identified two major groups within the low data rate wireless
competitive landscape which include the following:

1. High volume OEM markets that are likely to support ZigBee
2. Niche vertical markets with customized proprietary solutions targeted
at long range and/or ultra low data applications with intense
robustness and reliability requirements

ON World's latest survey found that complex installation and lack of
seamless integration were the top two limitations inhibiting widespread
adoption of wireless sensing solutions.
ON World's recently published report, "ZigBee Competitive Landscape 2005,"
provides actionable business intelligence based on more than 60 interviews
with Fortune 1000 companies, startups and end-users.

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