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Leviton HAI Dealer PC Access 3

Verified Leviton HAI Dealer PC Access 3

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This file was posted with permission from Leviton (which acquired HAI several years ago) and is the final 'unlocked' version of this software.

February 26 , 2008

HAI (Home Automation, Inc.), leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced today that an all-new version of its PC Access 3.0 Programming software will begin shipping in April.

PC Access is the software used to program all HAI Omni and Lumina family home control systems. It allows the user to set up, program, and monitor a home control system over a network, serial or modem connection. HAI offers a dealer version with full access to all set-up items and a simpler end user version for homeowners wanting to program their own HAI system.

The completely redesigned PC Access 3.0 includes the following new features:

  1. Enhanced automation programming, including the ability to save programs to disk, add comments to programs, search and replace, and support for enhanced programming triggers, conditions, and commands in a single statement, and simplified program editing
  2. Integrated help and documentation
  3. Account summary page
  4. Fewer mouse clicks and keystrokes
  5. Easy tree-based navigation
  6. Simplified set up where all names and related properties of an object can be edited on a single page
  7. All lists can be sorted and/or filtered
  8. Supports longer, more descriptive “friendly” names
  9. Ability to name UPBtm links and other lighting scenes
  10. Integrated firmware updater for new flash-enabled controllers
There are four versions of the new PC Access 3.0 software available; Dealer PC Access (HAI Part Number 1105W), Spanish Dealer PC Access (HAI Part number 1105WSP), End User PC Access (HAI Part number 1106W), and Lumina PC Access (HAI Part Number 1111). Current registered users of PC Access can upgrade to the new PC Access 3.0 software for free and all registered users of 3.0 will receive future updates for free as well.

Name: Setup_HAI_Dealer_PC_Access_3.exe
Size: 11857528 bytes (11 MiB)
CRC32: 9FD286A2
SHA256: 3EF743ECE90ADE4C2C233F1BC671884DAC8234C71107A039ED1B135CA7090123
BLAKE2sp: A4E9E75B6964C1BCA747C2ECD20DEBB3B191E9B5FF69F98C095CAB35B48DB83C

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