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    NX1448E keypad can't set partition

    In my recent issues with my NX8E panel I discovered that the NX1448E keypads don't have capability to change to other than partition 1 apparently. I have a NX148E keypad and just happened to use it when I added partition 2. On it I can set the partition and also a way to temporarily access...
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    Interlogix Door Sensor (TX-1012-01-1) compatible w/ Elk

    I have an Interlogic door sensor (GE part # 60-688-95) that I cannot enroll in the Elk. I have other GE (either CADDX or Interlogic) sensors that have been going great and easy to setup. I have an M1XRF2G and it states this sensor should work. On the side there is what I think is the TX ID...