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George M

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I know this is a long shot but thought I would try. 40 years ago I Installed an NX8E. It still has the original keypad. For years now I have really only used it for motion detection for my home automation. I am now redoing that also so thought it would be a good time to see if I can resurrect this thing.
I would like to do a factory reset on it but have not found any documentation on how to do it.
I thought I could get into it using the software but I get connection refused, so that doesnt help. Also I will be looking for a replacement keypad if anyone has one laying around and not using anymore.

Not sure if this will help, but look at page 17 HERE.

You will then have to setup the serial port via the keypad and match with your DL-900 software. I did some posts on how to do this a loooooong time ago (I don't have the time to search right now).
Actually, did a quick search and found this (look at post #2):

Thanks for the links. I work on it today.
What is frustrating is I have had it connected to my CQC system for years, and yet using the same serial configurations, it will not connect via DL900.
I remember the DL900 being finicky with its serial port settings on the NX8E. Hopefully those links will provide the info you need. I did do other posts here on this forum about this as it was a common issue.
Nothing I did would make it connect. A problem is that the keyboard I have is just led lights - no screen - so is really difficult to program. I finally reset it to factory default but now need to see if I can find time to reprogram it.
I cant decide if it would be worth spending the money to install a new keypad that would make it easier to program or not. Seems a waste to replace the main board for what my purpose is but it may come to that.
Hi George:

I'm not sure the serial port is 'active' on a factory reset. You might want to try finding some documentation on the serial port setting on reset with some NX8E documentation online, then perhaps match the serial port settings with the DL900.

I see your issue in you don't have a keypad with an LCD screen. eBay has them, but they are $90 and up!

I'm assuming the serial cable you are using has worked in the past, so that isn't an issue.

EDIT: I did find THIS resource that may help you. Also, HERE is some info on programming with a keypad.
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Thank you for your time in finding those links. I am going to work on it today. I don't think buying an LCD keypad with what I have, not knowing if it will make a difference, is beneficial. If I can't figure it out with what I have I will probably just opt to replace with a Vista 20 or something similar.